AWdF Support

We are developing science-based solutions go global ocean threats within four strategic areas of focus: Marine animal and ecosystem health; conservation leadership; AOCN and citizen science.

The Atlantic Whale and Dolphin Foundation (AWdF) is part of the Fair Earth Foundation family.

Formerly the Atlantic Whale Foundation, the AWdF is a UK Registered Charity (Number 1167109). It was founded to continue the work of Spanish environmental agency, Proyecto Ambiental Tenerife, twenty five years ago and runs the volunteer programme on the island’s whale watching boats, one of the largest whale watching centres in the world.

The AWdF runs cetacean educational awareness, research and conservation programmes. Its volunteers act as ‘Research Guides’ on the whale watching boats and as ‘Acoustics Researchers.’ We also work with the tourism industry, promoting cetacean conservation and promoting responsible whale watching and other ecotourism opportunities across the Atlantic, as well as running a range of free educational programmes.

Additionally, we collaborate with, and provide support to cetacean based projects across the Atlantic Oceans be they of an educational, conservation or research nature. The AWdF oversees the Atlantic Ocean Cetacean Network (AOCN), and an extensive range of awards and grants aimed at facilitating cetacean programmes in the region.

Our work is focused in the Atlantic, but our research and conservation efforts extend across the globe to the many places where our knowledge and innovations benefit the world’s oceans.

Not only do our programmes strive to aid the management and protection of local species and habitats, but we use the region as a living scientific laboratory. The innovative research methods we develop and lessons we derive here can be applied to address similar challenges to ecosystems around the globe.

Promoting cetacean conservation