About Us

We collaborate with, and provide support to cetacean based projects across the oceans be they of an educational, conservation or research nature.

The AOCN aims to bring together individuals and organisations from across the region working toward the conservation and protection of our whales and dolphins.

The AOCN aims to be a free platform to promote activities and enlist support – volunteers, funding, expert advice – for the organisations within the network.

If your organisation would like to join the AOCN, or if you would like to support its development, please send details to pavan@whalenation.org.

Whales and Dolphins of the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is home to a great many species of whale and dolphin. The AOCN will build into a comprehensive portal of all that is known about these cetaceans and, as importantly, all that is not known.

We know that the Blue whale and Northern Right whale populations are unlikely to recover from the aggressive whale-hunting driven by the USA in the 1930’s; but we don’t understand why the Southern Right whale population has recovered and is healthy! We know that the Vaquita and Amazon River Dolphins are critically endangered and we know who the culprits are, in the case of the former it is one fishing fleet with a single owner! However, we still seem unable to ‘do anything’ about their plight. With most migratory species, our knowledge is hopelessly inadequate – we do not understand their migration routes or the threats that they are facing.

The aim of the AOCN is to identify gaps in our knowledge and serious conservation threats. These will inform our grant making awards.

Our Research So Far

In collaboration with Tenerife’s whale watching industry, volunteers with the AWdF have, over the last 25 years, built world class research databases covering:

  • Resident Short-finned Pilot Whales off the southwest coast of Tenerife.
  • Resident Bottlenose Dolphins off of the southwest coast of Tenerife.
  • Migrating species sighted off the southwest coast of Tenerife (18 to date).

This research has been developed through the AWdF, through our volunteers over the last 25 years using photo identification of individual whales and dolphins linked to behavioural data, boat data, and time, weather and GPS

zoomed in view of Tenerife

AOCN Projects Looking For Support

The following projects are looking for support. If you or your school, local community or place of work want to actively ‘make a difference’ then you could form a direct collaboration with any one of these organisations. This is a chance for you to make a direct contribution to the protection of whales and dolphins.


  • Cape Verdean Ecotourism Association – Research
  • Cork Nature Network – Education
  • Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme – Research
  • Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas – Research and Ecotourism
  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS – Research
  • Ketos Ecology – Research
  • The Laboratório de Mamíferos Aquáticos e Bioindicadores “Prof Izabel Gurgel” (MAQUA) – Research
  • African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization (AMMCO) – Research /education
  • Nova Atlantis Foundation – Research
  • University of Quintana Roo – Research
  • The Laboratório de Mamíferos Aquáticos e Bioindicadores “Prof Izabel Gurgel” (MAQUA) – Research
  • Duke University Marine Lab – Research
  • Karina Bohrer do Amaral – Research
  • Ocean Sounds – Research and education
  • Grupo de Estudos de Mamíferos Aquáticos do Rio Grande do Sul (GEMARS) – Research and Education
  • Dyer Island Conservation Trust – Research

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